82 Barnsley Road, Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S73 8DJ

Chris Cooper

We saw the Ford S-max on Auto Trader and quickly jumped to Triple M’s own website to get a better feel for the company. I can only say that I was highly impressed with the quality of cars that were on offer. I personally believe that if the quality of stock is there, then it shows an appreciation for the products and services provided.

I decided to drive the 100 miles to go and see the car, after chatting on web chat; and on arrival the first impression was very good. The friendly staff greeted me and offered me a drink, knowing that I had just driven the 2 hours up north. This immediately impressed me with how they treat customers and an insight into their great customer service.

After seeing the car (in person), I was highly impressed with the cars appearance and the preparation that had gone into it. The mechanic took time to answer any questions that I had, and I was walked around the car before taking the car out for a test drive.

On my return and after a chat with the salesmen; I decided that this was the car for me. They proceeded with organising all the paperwork, while I went for lunch on the local high street (I have to say they did offer to buy me a sandwich and bring it to the showroom), but I declined.

This is a thorough and highly professional company, who are very honest and upfront with everything. They are very hospitable and welcoming, and made the whole process from start to finish very enjoyable and relaxing. I will and already have recommended this company to friends; and should in the future we require another car, I will definitely be visiting Triple M Vehicles again.

Thank you for your service!

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