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5 Top Tips to Get Your Car Winter Ready!

Winter is finally here, to ensure that your vehicle is ready to embrace the cold weather and it’s serious driving issues! Check out some of our important tips below!

  • Tyres:

During the icy months, its extremely important that you check your tyres regularly. Including checking they are inflated enough as well as the tread depth. This avoids them becoming illegal and dangerous. As well as this, some of you may want to use snow tyres, as they are better wearing and tougher to get you through the tough snow and ice.

  • Oil

Although this should be changed regularly as part of your routine service, it is important to check or change your oil due to them having a different viscosity and freezing temperatures.


  • Engine Coolant/Anti-Freeze

Engine coolant is also very important during the harsh winter months. Ensure that you check the consistency and concentration of this regularly. Alternatively, you can get this done at a service centre.


  • Battery

Colder weather means that the engine will need more power from the battery to start up. This meansĀ  that the battery needs to be fully charged at all times. You can buy battery chargers and charge your battery from home, and a lot of vehicles do have a light which comes up on the dashboard to let you know that there is an issue with your battery. Alternatively, you can bring it in to a local service and repair centre! Not forgetting to ask them to check the battery fluid levels too!

If you are wanting your winter vehicle check, why not check out our vehicle service page and get a quote from our RAC approved service centre!

5)Type of Vehicle

Different types of vehicles are suitable for different types of weather. For example, the small hatchback city cars are more suitable for city driving or short journeys, whereas the 4×4 vehicles are more suitable for longer, more harsh weather journeys. You can check them out here.